Ten Offshore Fishing Tips From The Pros

Ten Offshore Fishing Tips From The Pros


  1. Always leave your itinerary with someone on-shore so that your trip plans are known. MAKE SURE THEY KEEP YOUR FISHING HOTSPOTS A SECRET UNLESS AN EMERGENCY ARRIVES!
  2. Never tell people where you are catching groundfish!!!
  3. Never tell people what lures/bait caught the groundfish!!!
  4. Always use a little embellishment when telling your fish stories.
  5. Have FUN!!!
  6. Now for the tips…Fish the drop offs and have a good fish finder.
  7. Be prepared to use bait and artificial lures…variety is important.
  8. Know when to drift, anchor or use a sea anchor.
  9. Be prepared for BIG fish with a good saltwater rod & reel with at least 375 yards of 80# braided line.

10. Watch the water and learn how to read it.

11. Go to Saco Bay Tackle and support Maine’s Best Saltwater Tackle Shop. They know saltwater fishing.

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