Catching lots of fish while Deep Sea Fishing in Maine

If you have ever wanted to try deep sea fishing in Maine there is no better time than now!  The fishing for cod, haddock, pollock, halibut and many more gets no better than it is this time of year. Plus you never know when you might Maine charter boatshook into much larger species like shark or tuna!!! Imagine going from catching groundfish ranging in size that you measure in inches to catching monster fish that you measure in size by number of feet!!! And, hundreds of pounds!!! It happens often this time of year and on every trip it could be happening to YOU! So if you have been waiting for that particular time to have a great day deep sea fishing in Maine, you need wait no longer. Call us today so that you can book your trip of a lifetime and maybe what happened in the photos below will happen to you!!!


Maine charter fishingshark fishing charters in Maine


Monster Blue Shark



Maine fishing


Huge Shark Takes The Bait !!!     

Or should we say our cod!!!


You see, you just never know what might happen next on a Maine Deep Sea Fishing Trip with Maine Ocean Adventures. We put you on the fish on EVERY trip or the next trip is FREE! That is correct, we guarantee that you will catch fish on all of our deep sea fishing trips or your next trip is on us! So call us today so that you can catch your fish or know that someone else is going to be catching your fish. Deep sea fishing in Maine gets no better than with Maine Ocean Adventures.

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