Maine Deep Sea Fishing and Casco Bay Cruise Update

We had a terrific week with both Deep Sea Fishing charters and Casco Bay cruises. The offshore groundfishing has been good to excellent all week with loads of cod, haddock and pollock being caught on every trip. If you measure success in numbers of fish caught you will find it very very good fishing right now as it is close to a fish a cast on every trip. The haddock fishing is starting to pick up and the best way to catch them right now is with bait on a teaser. The larger cod are being caught with no bait so you have to decide if you want to try for haddock or BIG cod! Either way you win as you still catch fish using either method.


The ocean water surface temperature has reached the 60 degree mark so the migratory fish like tuna and shark are moving onto the fishing grounds. In fact we had a charter on groundfishing in Maine, deep sea fishing in MAineJune 23rd and we hooked into our first tuna of the year. We were fishing live bait and hooked up around 10 AM and fought this fish for close to 3 hours before the hook pulled. On this particular day we fished for tuna only and we were rewarded with a battle that will be remembered for a very long time even though the fish won. What we like about fishing the most is the memories and it is always a great deep sea fishing memory when you get to play a bluefin tuna like the one we had on today.


We have a Casco Bay family cruise today and we are really looking forward to a sun splashed day on the water with the Cavanaugh family from Bath, Maine. Check back in for an update on the Casco Bay Cruises!

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