Having a Great Time in Maine Deep Sea Fishing June 9

What a great weekend to get out deep sea fishing in Maine! The fishing was fantastic and the company even better. We caught pollock, cod, haddock and cusk all day long and everyone went home with a lot of fresh fish filets. The catching of legal fish was non-stop from the start to the end and so good that they were being selective in which fish to keep! Everyone went home happy and a bit tired from the non-stop action!

The day was made even better by the occasional whale that came by from time to time. Most were minke whale and an occasional humpback. We probably saw a dozen whale during the trip and heard many more. There were a few dogfish seen but none were hooked and that is always a good thing. On the way back to the dock I pulled a few of our lobster traps and added lobster to the catch for the day. Everyone on this trip went home very happy and looking forward to the next Maine Ocean Adventure with us!



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