Deep Sea Fishing in Maine on Father’s Day June 2012

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Father’s Day 2012


We had the wonderful Manz family from New Hampshire with us for a Father’s Day deep sea fishing trip.  They were all very good at fishing and catching and having a great day together. Grandfather Manz caught the largest fish of the day and it was a 15 pound cod. For that accomplishment he was nicknamed The “Cod” Father! The youngest of the family was Cole and he was all business when it came to fishing and catching fish. Cole had the largest fish of the day with an eleven pound cod until his grandfather finished his fishing with his monster cod. It was definitely a great day to be deep sea fishing in Maine and they all made the most of it. They hope to be back later in the summer for some more Maine deep sea fishing when the shark and tuna fishing heats up! I must say that it was truly a pleasure having the Manz family with us for a day on the water.


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