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July 30, 2011

We had another fantastic and busy week running Casco Bay cruises and fishing offshore. We had a great group of guys from Time Warner join us for a cruise and a lobstah roll lunch. The groundfishing was excellent for Haddock and there weren’t many dogfish. We kept 20 haddock with the biggest being just over 6 pounds and a limit of cod. All haddock we caught were 22 inches or longer with none under the legal length of 18 inches. Most of the fish filets will be given to friends and families in the neighborhood to enjoy. Shark fishing was fantastic again! We caught and released ALIVE a lucky 13 blue shark with the largest being around 10 feet long. We probably could have caught more shark but we called it quits at 13! The best fishing is yet to come and now is the time to get in on the action. Call us today and book your “Trip of a Lifetime”.

July 23, 2011

What an awesome day we had today deep sea fishing with Maine Ocean Adventures. We caught and released ALIVE 9 blue shark ranging in size from 7 feet to 12 plus feet! The biggest weighed easily more than 400 pounds and provided a fantastic fight. We also put some time in groundfishing and we caught cusk, hake and cod. We all took home fillets for dinner and finished the day with well over 100 total fish with 90 of them being released alive. We did not catch a single dogfish and the water temp stayed in the 60’s all day with calm seas which made for a really great day. The best fishing of the season is coming up and it would be nice to have you join us so you can catch your own fish instead of reading about others catching your fish! We guarantee you will catch fish and have a wonderful adventure. See you soon!

July 17, 2011

As the shark season has arrived we thought it appropriate to mention again that we participate in the Apex Predator Tagging Program. We do not approve of “trophy” fishing for shark or any other fish unless they are kept for consumption. Do not get us wrong, we love to catch BIG fish and we do keep fish for dinner. We just do not keep everything we can.  We enter tournaments with discretion. We have a great resource out there in the Gulf of Maine and it can only remain that way by practicing solid conservation practices. Welcome aboard Maine Ocean Adventures, where we can and we do make a difference. Catch the excitement with us today.

July 16,2011

What a great day we had today deep sea fishing in the gulf of Maine. The groundfishing was slow but the shark fishing made up for it. We had shark around the boat all day long and we hooked into a tuna that provided a short yet very exciting fight. The pictures of shark in the photo gallery from today pretty much say it all. We had a GREAT day on the water! We caught some shark, hooked into a tuna and went home with several bags of fresh fillets for dinner. We sure hope that you will give us a call so you can be a part of the next adventure. Catch you later!

July 11, 2011

It has been a hectic week running corporate charters in the “Bay”. Not much to provide for fishing updates as these trips were more social events than they were fishing trips. We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed some great weather and we did catch a few mackerel. This weekend we are booked for fishing offshore so we should have some Maine deep sea fishing to talk about. Catch you later and always remember that we will have a great time catching your fish!

July 9, 2011

We had a fantastic day fishing today but the catching was less than acceptable. Major reason was that we had a charter today that wanted to try for tuna and we did with no success. We did stop for a short time to try for groundfish on the inner shoals and we caught a few keeper cod. Other than that it was a typical day of tuna fishing and if it was easy everyone would do it! We all had some fun and enjoyed watching whale and porpoise. Catch you later!

July 8, 2011

What a great day of deep sea fishing in Maine we had today. We caught our first Blue Shark of the year and the cod and haddock were plentiful as always. It was a terrific day to be a fisherman with Maine Ocean Adventures today and you have got to check out the photo gallery to see the shark up close and personal. Not to mention the pics of cod and haddock that we caught. Another banner day catching about twenty legal haddock and so many cod that we kept only the larger ones. We go again tomorrow so stay tuned.


All veterans who charter a full day deep sea fishing charter with us any day this month to take place in 2011 will receive 10% off!

July 2, 2011

We had a great day today cruising Casco Bay with a group who were taking a mental health day off from work. Did they ever pick the perfect day to do it! They wanted to catch some mackerel so we filled a bucket in no time and then we just cruised around the bay. We made our last stop at Seal Island and caught a glimpse of a Seal Slumber Party. Check out our photo gallery to see the party. If you have been waiting for the weather to improve and the fishing to heat up you need wait no longer. The fishing gets no better than right now and all you have to do is hook-up today and catch the excitement with Maine Ocean Adventures for a Deep Sea Fishing trip you will never forget, guaranteed.

June 27, 2011

The Basagoiti family from Mexico had a fantastic day with Maine Ocean Adventures today filling the boat with 21 legal haddock and so many cod that we were putting them back to catch another day. Groundfishing in Maine gets no better than it was today! It was one of those days where the fish were hitting as soon as the jig hit bottom from start to finish. We also had a pod of over 100 porpoise come within 20 feet of the boat jumping and then swimming right under us. What a great day we all had and the memories will last forever. We hope to have you join us soon on the next adventure as the fishing is fantastic and all that is missing is YOU!


June 26, 2011

We sure hope the weather forecaster’s are correct as they are predicting warmer and brighter weather coming in and lasting for awhile! Hopefully our charter the Basagoiti family from Mexico will have a great time on the water with us this week. Stay tuned for an update as we are sure they will be catching many memorable moments.







June 22,2011

It is official, we have not been the only ones hooking into the tuna and the shark have arrived as well. There is no better time than right NOW to hook-up with Maine Ocean Adventures to go deep sea fishing in Maine. We take charters that want to enter tournaments and that needs to be done soon for those of you interested in tournaments. We catch monster shark every year and we would love to have you win a tournament with us! Hook-up today or someone else will be catching your fish.

June 20, 2011

Check out the photo gallery for our latest pictures taken while cruising Casco Bay and Sea Glass Hunting. You will find Captain Ron with the catch of the day. What a great run of weather we are having! Hook-up today for your next deep sea fishing adventure or for that Casco Bay Island Cruise.  The only thing missing has been YOU and man are you missing the boat.

June 17, 2011

This weekend we will be taking scenic cruises and going sea glass hunting on the islands of Casco Bay. Not everyone wants to go fishing and the change of pace is always welcome. Check out our photo gallery for some scenic pictures. We hope everyone has a great Father’s Day Weekend.







June 11, 2011

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