Top 5 Questions | Maine Deep Sea Fishing FAQs

Deep sea fishing in Maine is one of the coolest trips you can take during your summer vacation in Maine.

1. So, what is Deep Sea Fishing exactly?

Deep sea fishing, otherwise known as offshore fishing is when you take a charter boat out to deep water in the ocean. In order for it to be considered deep sea fishing it usually needs to be about 30 meters in depth.

2. What Types of Fish will we catch?

Going offshore fishing allows you to catch bigger game fish. Catching shark, cod, pollack, haddock, halibut and more, this isn’t just your average catch on a Maine lake. These guys are big and the catch can be exhilarating.

3. Do you need a Maine Saltwater Fishing license?

The quick answer is no. As a charter boat we have a license that covers you while you are on board.

4. What should I bring with me on the Trip?

Sunglasses, sunscreen and motion sickness medication are a few things that you should not leave home without. For a full list, check out our recent post “10 Things you need to bring on your Maine Deep Sea Fishing trip.”

5. Are there any tips to ensure we catch a fish?

This time of year the fishing is great. As an experienced Captain I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Summer is here and in Maine we are having a great year. The water is warmer and the bigger fish have started migrating up. We’ve seen whales, sharks and more. Every trip has been a success lately. With almost every line coming out of the water with a fish on it.
Here are ten offshore fishing tips from the pros to check out before we leave the dock.

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