Ten Things You Need To Bring on your Maine Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Headed to Maine for a family vacation? Looking for an Adventure? Add Maine deep sea fishing to your itinerary!

Summer is an amazing time in Maine, not only is the weather beautiful and the scenery awe inspiring but the fish are biting!

Maine offers many things to do, offering you photo opportunities and memories to last a lifetime around every corner. However, you don’t want that memory to include freezing to death, becoming sea sick or looking like a lobster because you got burnt to a crisp, but rather of your family enjoying catching lots of fish while deep sea fishing in Maine.

The best way to ensure that your family vacation in Maine is a safe and fun one is to make sure you plan ahead.  When you go deep sea fishing in Maine you need to make sure that when you board the boat you come prepared.

Here is a list of things that you do need to bring on your Maine deep sea fishing adventure…

  1. Sunblock – Even though it can feel cool out on the water the sun is still blazing and the reflection off the Maine Ocean doesn’t help. Make sure to bring plenty of sun protection with you to be safe.
  2. Sunglasses
  3. A hat or visor
  4. Camera or video camera to document your fishing trip
  5. Motion Sickness Medicine – Many folks take non drowsy Dramamine and some use the pressure bands, if you find that you are getting motion sick make sure you look at the horizon.
  6. Boat shoes or boots
  7. Warm clothing – Dress in layers. Maine weather can change very quickly it’s important to be prepared while out in the ocean.
  8. Wind and/or rain gear
  9. Food and beverage – Maine Ocean Adventures can also provide a gourmet lunch per your request
  10. A good attitude and a smile! You are about to have a lot of fun!

Feel free to print this post and use as a guide while you are packing for your next trip!

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