Another Great Day of Maine Deep Sea Fishing

What a GREAT day deep sea fishing in Maine we had! We saw whale, tuna, blue shark andDeep sea fishing in Maine  a “ton” of groundfish that we caught, many of which we released to be caught another day. Deep sea fishing in Maine at it’s best all day long. The fishermen that we had aboard today go often with us each year so they are no strangers to going offshore deep sea fishing with us. They actually pitch right in with the filet operation which is always appreciated very much. The picture to the right is of Earle “The fishin’ machine” with a double keeper catch of a 12 pound cod and an 11 pound pollock caught on the same rod at the same time. The pollock had a few shark teeth marks on it! We found the fishing a bit slow to begin the day and then it really picked up after 10 AM. The secret today was to use bait and to fish a little deeper water. We also had a blue shark take one of our tuna baits today and that provided for some extra fun and excitement!

Maine deep sea fishing

The picture to the left is of Rich at the filet station. We like to filet our fish soon after being caught to keep the catch fresh.  You may notice the shark jaw and “Seas The Day” motto on the t-shirt that he is wearing. This is on a t-shirt that we now offer for sale along with a cap that has the Maine Ocean Adventure logo on it. Earle “The Fishin’ Machine” has both cap and t-shirt on in his picture. On each trip we provide a cap or “t” to one of the passengers that stood out among the rest that day. It could be for being the best or the most challenged person on that particular Maine deep sea fishing trip! Sometimes the loser wins!

We have lots of Maine deep sea fishing trips coming up so you can see more on what you are missing right here on the Adventure updates page. Or, you could call us today to book your deep sea fishing trip in Maine and have the next update be all about you!

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