Bachelor Party Goes Deep Sea Fishing In Maine

We have been very busy with offshore deep sea fishing trips lately and this Bachelor party had a great day on the water catching groundfish and blue shark. Ken Moulton made sure his brother the GROOM had a day to remember fighting a monster blue shark and took the photos to prove it. The groundfishing was a little slow as it always is on a day where the water is flat calm but this group kept at it and brought home plenty of fresh cod, cusk, haddock and pollock filets. It is always interesting to hear the comments that are made when the first shark of the day arrives! Most of the comments are not for print but the excitement that a shark creates lasts a lifetime and it was no different for this group.

This ten foot monster gave the GROOM all he could handle and then some! He can now say that he caught a fish that was bigger than him!!! They wanted to catch lots of fish and shark on this day and the mission was accomplished. We asked this group from the Shapleigh, Maine area back at the dock if they enjoyed a great day of deep sea fishing in Maine with Maine Ocean Adventures and it was all thumbs up! Another great day on the water with terrific sportsmen having fun.

The photo below is a close-up of a Monster Blue Shark that was caught, tagged (Apex Predator Tagging Program) and then released alive on this trip.

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